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5 Benefits That Set Ductless AC Units Apart

It’s time … time to ditch your window air conditioner. You’ve gotten by with this system for a long time, but it simply does not provide enough comfort to justify keeping it around. Your problem: you don’t know if there is another system out there you can use in your home. You love your house, but it doesn’t have ductwork and you definitely aren’t interested in installing any. 

What can you do? Opt for ductless. Ductless systems provide reliable comfort without the drawbacks a window AC presents. If you’re considering upgrading to a better comfort system this season, we suggest learning a bit more about your options for ductless air conditioning in Oklahoma City. Here are some key benefits we think you should know:

1. No ductwork required!

It’s obvious but still impressive—you don’t need ductwork to use a ductless system. How is that possible? The air handlers of a ductless unit are attached to an outdoor condenser unit via refrigerant and condensate lines. This allows them to function as your indoor “evaporator” units throughout the home. Translation: each air handler can create cool air without needing to connect to any ducts.

2. Highly energy efficient

If you aren’t already, it is time to start paying attention to your energy usage. Start with a ductless unit simply so you can marvel at how much less energy you are using. Ductless air conditioners are highly energy-efficient systems meaning they use less energy to produce more cool air. 

3. Great for comfort all year long

If you don’t have ductwork in your home, it may be tough to stay comfortable in the winter too. Much like window ACs, space heaters can only do so much. You may be happy to hear that ductless systems can replace both your window AC and your space heater because they can both cool and heat your home. Since they are a type of heat pump, they can reverse the flow of refrigerant allowing them to either push heat out or pull it in. That’s twice the comfort for half the number of systems.

4. No wintertime hassles

One thing that people always hate with window units is having to remove and store them in the winter when temperatures drop. What a pain! This is an annoyance that you can avoid with a ductless system. They are installed to function year-round so when the weather changes all you have to do is reset the thermostats on the units rather than removing and storing an entire comfort system. 

5. Safe, quiet, compact

Okay, we admit that this is technically three perks, but hear us out: they’re good perks. For one thing, ductless systems are all-electric so you won’t have to worry about a gas connection like you would with a furnace come winter. You’ll also never have to worry about your window AC falling out of the window. Ductless systems also function pretty quietly so you can hear yourself think in your cool and comfortable room. And, of course, you’ll be able to enjoy more of your home as well because these systems are compact, making them ideal for smaller homes.

Let us help you ditch the window AC. Make the winning call to schedule your installation with Air Comfort Solutions. With us, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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