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5 Signs Your AC Needs Professional Repairs

Imagine trying to get through the summer season using just a fan and determination. It sounds less than pleasant right? If you have a working air conditioner it also sounds unnecessary. With that said, if your AC system isn’t running properly, you may be relying on that fan a lot more heavily.

Don’t let summer be uncomfortable! If something is wrong with your cooling system, you can come to us for air conditioning repairs in Oklahoma City, OK. We can diagnose and address a wide range of issues that any modern air conditioner might encounter.

Let us help you learn how to determine when it is time to call in an expert for repairs.

5 Signs Your AC Needs Repairs From a Professional Technician

  1. The airflow is getting weaker. The flow of air through your air conditioner and ductwork needs to be strong in order to provide optimal comfort throughout the home. If the flow of air from the vents or air handler is getting weaker, it is a sign of trouble somewhere in your AC system. Whether it is a leak in your ducts or something else, make sure to have a professional come by to get things flowing again.
  2. The air is getting warmer. When you turn on your air conditioner, you should be able to expect clean, cool air to flow into your home. But what if you start getting warm air instead of cold air? It means that you need to schedule an appointment with a professional because something is wrong with the AC.
  3. Energy bills are getting higher. Your energy bills are going to change a bit based on your use of your system. But skyrocketing energy bills aren’t normal. Increasingly high energy bills are a sign your AC is struggling and is using extra energy to try to get its job done. This means your system needs help from an expert.
  4. You are hearing strange noises. When you run your AC system, do you hear a variety of strange and concerning noises? Sounds like rattling, clanging, screeching, and hissing are all indicators of a system in trouble.
  5. The system is short cycling. Does your air conditioner turn on, run for a brief period, and then shut back down, only to turn right back on? This is known as short cycling. Short cycling refers to interrupted cooling cycles which will put extra amounts of stress on the AC system. You will want an expert to address this issue as soon as possible because the longer it goes on the more likely the air conditioner will break down early.

Why a Professional Technician?

Why contact a professional technician for repairs for your AC rather than trying a DIY fix? There are multiple reasons, but to sum it all up, professional service will ensure that your system is fixed properly without creating extra trouble or putting you at risk of injury.

Make the winning call to the professionals at Air Comfort Solutions to get your AC repairs.

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