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What to Consider When Choose a New AC

How well was your air conditioner able to cool your home this last summer? If you noticed that your system seemed to struggle more than it ever has, or it barely provided any cooling at all, there is a strong chance this could have been the AC’s last summer. But you don’t want to schedule a replacement unnecessarily, so how can you be sure that your need a new AC system in Oklahoma City?

The best way to address this is by having a technician examine your air conditioner. But before you have them come out to your home, you may want to double-check some of these indicators.

1. Your air conditioner is too old

Yes, it is possible for your AC system to be too old. There is an ideal age range that your air conditioner will function within: ideally up to about 10 to 15 years. It’s within that five-year range that you may start noticing your system beginning to lose efficiency and effectiveness, signaling that it is getting ready to retire. Beyond the 15-year mark, you are likely to run into larger more expensive problems.

2. You need constant repairs

Your air conditioner shouldn’t need repairs as often or more often than it needs maintenance. This is especially true if you have been up to date on your maintenance appointments. If, however, you’ve noticed that you need repairs each year or even more than once in a year, then it is an indicator your air conditioner is starting to break down.

3. AC repairs have gotten extremely expensive

A good rule of thumb to remember is that if your air conditioner repair costs the equivalent of half or more of the price of a new system, it is better to just opt into purchasing a new system. Repairs that are this pricey are a warning sign that your air conditioner won’t last much longer and you’ll only be shelling out more money more frequently for less comfort.

4. The system can’t produce cold air

You get maintenance each spring and you’ve scheduled repairs promptly when you notice something is wrong. Despite all this, your air conditioner STILL can’t produce cold air for your home. If you can’t rely on your AC system anymore, you deserve a system upgrade.

5. Your energy bills are too high

Have you paid attention to your energy bills lately? Now is a good time to do a comparison of this summer to the previous couple of summers. Are you noticing a large increase in your energy use despite taking good care of your air conditioner? If so, this is a sign that the system is not able to reliably cool your home in an efficient manner and likely needs to be replaced.

If you need help determining whether you need AC repairs or a full replacement, you should always turn to professionals. The indicators above should help you feel more confident in making the call to one of our technicians to get the replacement process started.

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