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When to Reach Out For Expert AC Repairs

It may be fall, but things haven’t really started to cool off yet. Chances are that they won’t for a while. Now is a great time to check on your heater and make sure that it’s ready for when the cold weather does hit. However, now may also be a great time to check on the operation of your air conditioner.

If your AC isn’t working quite right, it may be time to see if there is a repair need to take care of. Just because cooler weather is going to pop up in the future doesn’t mean it is time to ignore your cooling system now. Instead, if you notice something is wrong, it is best to schedule repairs with our team. This is especially true if you notice any of the following problems:

The refrigerant line has a leak

Regular use and the vibration that it causes can wear out the refrigerant line and cause it to develop a leak. This can become a big problem rather rapidly since the refrigerant will escape and the operation of your AC will worsen and eventually stop. Make sure to get refrigerant leaks checked and repaired quickly.

The air filter is too dirty

The air filter for your AC is responsible for capturing dust and debris that is in the air of your home and keeping it out of the HVAC system. Over time, however, the filter is going to become so saturated with that same debris that it will end up becoming a hindrance. An overly dirty filter can reduce the strength of the airflow into the HVAC system until it is changed out. Avoid this problem by changing out the air filter every few months.

The evaporator coil needs to be cleaned

Dust and other debris that get into your AC system (yes, your filter can’t capture every mote) can settle on your evaporator coil. A few bits of dust aren’t a problem, but an entire season’s worth of dust coating the coil can end up becoming an issue. That dust layer, until it is removed, will end up making the heat transfer process harder than usual.

There is a problem with the motor of the AC

Are you hearing screeching or shrieking noises coming from your AC? These noises may be indicators of trouble within the motor of the system. Perhaps one of the motor’s bearings needs to be replaced or you have a motor belt that needs lubrication. Make sure to have a professional check things out to get whatever the key problem is addressed properly.

Repairs often pop up towards the end of the cooling season. Make sure you don’t brush them off or you may find you need a system replacement next summer, instead of a repair. When you need a reliable resource for fast AC repair in Oklahoma City, you can come to the team at Air Comfort Solutions. We provide service 7 days a week and even offer 24/7 emergency assistance.

Make the winning call today. Schedule your repairs with our NATE-certified technicians.

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