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Do You Need Help With a Bad Heater?

Local weather lately has been challenging to say the least. It is uncomfortably cold outside, which makes it all the more important to have an indoor environment that is kept warm and comfortable. This is not the time for your heater to fail. But, as we all know, the biggest inconveniences rarely happen on schedule.

Now is the worst possible time to have a heater failure. But it is also the most likely time for your system to malfunction. All the extra strain of regular use or even increased use takes its toll and creates a repair need. It just happens sometimes. The key to remember is that if and when it does occur, you should reach out for heater repairs in Oklahoma City sooner than later.

How Do I Know My Heater Needs to Be Repaired?

Figuring out when you need to contact a professional for heater repair can sometimes be tricky. Repair needs don’t always show up as your heater simply shutting itself off and refusing to work. But if that is your current situation, we suggest reaching out ASAP to discuss a replacement.

Heater repairs are often indicated by certain warning signs. Knowing these warning signs can help you make that call for repairs a little bit sooner which can save you time and money in the long run. Here are the ones you want to know:

  • Odd noises: Your heater is not supposed to make a bunch of noise while it is operating. Aside from the whoosh of hot air entering the home, it shouldn’t make any other noise that disrupts your day. If, however, you are noticing sounds that concern you such as rattling, screeching, hissing, or banging, it is time to contact a professional to get the system checked
  • Reduced heating output: Have you noticed it is taking longer and longer to heat up your home? The heater runs, but its regular heating cycle has extended. This is likely a sign that your heater is struggling to do its job. Whether the cause is a clogged filter or a problem with the burners, you should reach out for repairs to get things back to normal soon
  • Increased bills: Your energy bills will fluctuate a bit based on how you use your heater. However, if you are noticing large spikes on your energy bills that do not match up with your use of your heater, this is not something to ignore. This is a sign that your heater is using extra energy to do its job and it likely needs a helping hand to address whatever issue it’s dealing with.

You shouldn’t have to spend the winter fighting to keep warm. Layering up doesn’t hurt, but if you have to wear upwards of five layers simply to stay comfortable in your own home it means it’s past time to reach out to a technician to get your heater checked out.

If you need help getting your heater running right again, you can come to Air Comfort Solutions. Make the winning call to schedule an appointment today.  

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