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How to Tell It’s Time for a Thermostat Upgrade


Your thermostat plays an important role in your home comfort. This system serves as the control center that tells your heater when to run and how long to run for. In short, without your thermostat, you wouldn’t be able to get the comfort you need this season or the next.

Let’s say you have a thermostat in your home (we’d be surprised if you didn’t), but it isn’t working the way it is supposed to. It can happen to anybody. When you have serious issues with this system, it is likely a sign that you need to consider a new thermostat in Oklahoma City, OK. Our professional team can help you figure out when you need a thermostat upgrade and will get you set up with the best new system possible.

Is It Time to Retire Your Thermostat?

Some homeowners have a thermostat that is visibly old—in the cases when you can tell that the system is old enough to buy alcohol, it is easy to figure out that an upgrade is in your near future. But what if your thermostat doesn’t look all that old?

Check the following list of systems to see if your thermostat needs to be retired so you can invest in a new one:

  • You’ve replaced both your AC and heater in the past couple of years but not your thermostat.
  • The temperature that is detected is never quite correct.
  • Your home is always too hot or too cold to feel comfortable.
  • Your energy bills are increasing all the time without reason.

If you’ve started noticing any of these indicators of trouble, it is worth it to reach out to a professional technician. We can help to determine whether or not you need a new thermostat and get you set up with a great new system.

Options for Your Next Thermostat

When you need a new thermostat in your home, you don’t want to choose any random option. You should go with the system that is going to provide the most benefits for your home comfort.

Air Comfort Solutions works with both Wi-Fi and smart thermostats. We install and keep up these thermostats so you can choose the one that meets your needs best. Consider some of the following perks of these thermostat options:

  • Smart thermostats: They offer the ability to create programs based on your HVAC system use. This allows for optimal comfort and the best energy efficiency possible.
  • Wireless thermostats: Wireless or Wi-Fi thermostats can be controlled remotely. This allows you the ability to adjust the temperature in your home while you are away on vacation or even while you are on your way home from work.

Looking for help getting a new thermostat in your home? While these systems may seem easy to install, it’s best to reach out to a professional to get the job done. Come to the team at Air Comfort Solutions to talk to a trained and certified technician so you can enjoy the best possible comfort in your home again.

Make the winning call to Air Comfort Solutions for the services you need. Schedule an appointment with one of our pros today.

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