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Preparing for Cold Weather: 5 Tips to Help You Get Started

We’ve made it through Thanksgiving unscathed (hopefully). This doesn’t mean it is time to kick back just yet. Maybe you are ahead of the curve and you’ve already decorated for the December holidays. This is a great way to make sure that you don’t have to stress about your tinsel and tree at the last minute, but it doesn’t take into account the well-being of your entire home.

We want to make sure that your home is fully prepared for cold weather when it hits. With the tips that we’ve listed below, you can make sure to check off a few more items from your to-do list that may have gotten lost in the shuffle of decorating. These tips will help your peace of mind and your home comfort.

5 Tips to Prepare for Cold Weather

Use these tips to make sure you aren’t caught off-guard by the cold weather this year:

  1. Don’t forget to dust. No, we aren’t accusing you of being unclean, but sometimes things slip through the cracks! Dusting around the house can go a long way to help your indoor air quality as you hunker down during the colder weeks of the month. It can also make it easier to heat your home since there will be less airborne debris to mess with the heating process.
  2. Make sure your decor isn’t blocking airflow. We can all get wrapped up in the middle of decorating but there are some places that tinsel really doesn’t belong. For example, make sure that there is no decor hanging in front of your air handler or blocking your vents. Additionally, if you are putting up a tree this year, make sure you aren’t moving furniture in front of vents or registers. This will help things stay warmer.
  3. Check windows and doors for air leaks. An air leak might not sound like a big deal, but it can be an issue that seriously hinders your home comfort. Check the areas around your doors and windows for air leaks. If you find any, talk with a pro about using weatherstripping or caulk to seal things up so your warm air stays inside where it belongs.
  4. Don’t skip your annual tune-up. We want to be blunt about this because it matters: skipping a heater tune-up can and will cost you. Maintenance helps to improve efficiency and effectiveness while keeping energy bills low and lengthening your system’s lifespan. Skipping this service can end up costing you a lot more in the long run than you think.
  5. Make sure you don’t need to retire your heater. No one wants to be stuck without any warmth in the middle of winter. If your heater is on its last leg though you may end up without any source of home heating. If you’ve had your heater for a decade or more, contact a professional to see if a replacement may be a good idea in the near future.

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