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How Are Your Ducts Holding Up?

When we refer to an HVAC system we are referring to more than one system. “HVAC” refers to your “heating, ventilation, and air conditioning” systems. Most people focus on the “heating” and “air conditioning” parts of this and forget about the “ventilation” part of things. The reality is that your ventilation is also highly important to your comfort.

With that in mind, we have a question for you: how are your ducts holding up? If you aren’t sure, that’s okay. If you are worried that they are falling apart, we can help. Our team offers duct services to Oklahoma City, OK to help keep your ventilation in working shape.

What We Can Do for Your Ducts

The ductwork in your home plays an important role in your comfort. For one thing, it delivers temperature-controlled air throughout the house. For another, it can be a large determining factor as to how clean that air is by the time it reaches its intended destination.

The ideal you want for your ductwork is that it’s well-sealed and clean in order to provide you with optimally comfortable and clear air. Our duct services can help you achieve this. You can reach out to schedule any of the following services with our team to boost your comfort and your indoor air quality.

Duct Testing

First things first, if you are suspicious that something is up with your ducts, you may want to find out for sure if this is where the problem lies. Duct testing is going to help you with this. This service allows one of our professional technicians to use the appropriate tools to test the air-tightness of your ductwork. Likewise, they can also check the interior of your ducts to look for build-up that needs to be clear away.

Duct Cleaning

Remember that everything that is settled into your ductwork has the ability to be picked up and blown into your home. That can be bad news for your indoor air quality if you have a large build-up of dust, dirt, fur, and other contaminants. Rather than dealing with an allergy attack every time you turn on your HVAC unit, you can come to us for duct cleaning. This service will involve the use of specialty brooms, vacuums, and more to get rid of that build-up.

Duct Sealing

Another service that we offer is duct sealing. We provide this service to address cracks, holes, or other leaks in your ductwork. Duct leaks can allow temperature-controlled air to escape into the walls or attic before it can reach the interior of your home. Likewise, leaks can allow unfiltered and dirty air to enter your ducts and, by default, the living spaces. Our sealing services take care of these leaks to keep the air at the ideal temperature and keep it clean.

If you think you have ductwork that is in trouble, you can come to us for help. We can identify the issue and provide the best solutions possible.

Make the winning call. Contact Air Comfort Solutions to get started.

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