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4 Signs You Have a Water Leak and How to Handle It

What is one plumbing problem that no homeowner wants to deal with? Okay, well, there are probably a lot of them to be fair. However, we’d say that a pipe leak is one of the issues that is near the top of the list. Leaks can be sneaky and lead to a host of additional issues in your home if they aren’t caught early.

Getting help from a plumber in Oklahoma City is the most effective way to deal with a leak. But first, you need to know when to call them! Here are some of the warning signs of a leak to watch for so you know when to make the call.

4 Indicators of a Leak

Here are some of the indicators to be on the alert for so you know when to reach out for help with handling a leak

  1. Low water pressure: When you turn on your kitchen sink or go to use the bathroom sink, do you notice that the water pressure seems weaker than normal? This may be due to a leak in the pipes providing water for this part of your plumbing system
  2. An over-active water meter: Go check your water meter when you know that none of your plumbing appliances are in use. Do you see noticeable activity, as if you left a faucet running? If so, it is likely time to reach out for help finding a leak.
  3. The sound of running water: When you are in your home, take note of when you hear running water. The sound of water flowing through your pipes without a reason is usually the sign of a leak. This is true especially if you know that none of your plumbing appliances are in use.
  4. Watermarks, stains, or wet floors: This is a later sign that people want to avoid because it may mean that you have the beginnings of water damage. If you see water marks or stains, or notice standing water on the floors of your home, it is time to reach out to a plumber to look for a leaking pipe.

Here’s How to Handle the Leak

So, are you noticing the indicators we’ve listed above? If so, you may have a leak in your home. There are some steps to take in order to reduce the impact that a leak can have before it gets repaired. Here are some of the best steps to take when dealing with a leak in your home:

  • Reach out to a plumber as soon as possible to schedule your leak detection and repairs.
  • If possible, try not to use the appliances fed by the leaking pipes.
  • If needed, turn off the water to your home or to part of your home to reduce the water loss.

Leaks aren’t good issues to have. They are a problem that needs to be addressed by a professional as soon as possible. That is what our team is here to provide.

Make the winning call. Contact the experts at Air Comfort Solutions to schedule your plumbing services.

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