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Slab Leak Detection and Repair in Oklahoma City, OK

A slab leak is no small problem. While no leak is good news, a slab leak is going to be an extreme threat to your home comfort and your home itself. The bad news is that slab leaks are often hard to detect. The good news though is that the professional plumbers at Air Comfort Solutions can pinpoint your problem and fix it in a timely manner.

A slab leak gets its unique name due to the fact that it is an underground water leak that develops in the pipes under the slab that makes up your home’s foundation. If left for too long, a slab leak can lead to cracks in your foundation which creates some incredibly expensive repairs. Reach out to us for prompt and effective slab leak detection and repairs.

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Slab Leak Detection

Slab leaks often cause major problems for homeowners in Oklahoma City, OK simply because they are almost impossible to detect before the damage they create gives them away. No one wants to have a foundation crack to deal with though so how do you figure out you are dealing with a slab leak before it causes serious issues? The first step is to watch out for these warning signs:

  • Your water bill is increasing without any reason.
  • You are noticing changes in water pressure or no water pressure at all.
  • You notice hot spots in your floor (this occurs when the leak is in your hot water line).
  • You find signs of mold or mildew growth around your floors and lower walls.
  • You hear running water with no source.

You may be wondering about some of these warning signs because they are similar to the indicators of pinhole leaks in general. You are correct! This is why if you notice any warning signs of a leak you should reach out to professionals like us. We can perform slab leak detection to either confirm or rule out this problem and provide repairs accordingly.

Slab Leak Repair

If you know you have a slab leak in your home, you should also know how urgent it is to have this issue repaired as quickly as possible. The team at Air Comfort Solutions in Oklahoma City, OK knows that some repairs just can’t wait. That is why we provide emergency services and effective slab leak repairs. Our goal is to put our customers first and we do this by making sure we get your repairs done right the first time.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for your slab leak repair needs. We’ve been serving residents in this area since 2004 and we are known for our hassle-free service and highly-skilled plumbing professionals. All of the work we do is backed up by our dedication to honesty, ownership for the services we provide, and hard work. An amateur just can’t offer you the same quality of service and expertise that we can. Restore your plumbing and your peace of mind with our help.

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